Who can benefit from TuREEFF Loans?

  • Individuals or groups of individuals, condominiums or housing cooperatives
  • Housing management companies or similar service providers
  • Energy service companies or other service companies undertaking the implementation of eligible Sub-projects
  • Vendors or retailers of Sub-project eligible measures
  • SME Construction Companies that construct family houses and multi-family apartments to EPC B energy class.
  • Developers and construction companies who develop new housing class B

Vendors, retailers or installers which provides Sub-project eligible measures can benefit TuREEFF loans. Any supplier, who would like to have their products on the LEME list, or is willing to be on the LESI list, should contact TuREEFF through

List of Eligible Materials and Equipment: LEME
  • The minimum performance criteria are defined in line with the following criteria:
  • Overall energy performance of given equipment and systems available in the domestic market;
  • Performance requirements set by Turkish standards and regulations.

List of Eligible Suppliers and Installers: LESI
The List of Eligible Suppliers and Installers includes the brand and model name of eligible equipment and materials according to LEME criteria, together with international and national suppliers and installers. The LESI is an open list. Basically all equipment that satisfies the LEME eligibility criteria is eligible for inclusion.

List of Eligible Buildings: LEB
Eligible buildings are the buildings which are evaluated and selected by TuREEFF. Buildings should cover Energy Performance Class B and should have credithworthiness.